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With over twenty-five years in the business, Cynthia Hurley French Wines is dedicated to delivering the finest wine imported to the Boston area. As a US based wine importer and distributor we focus on wine imported only from top quality producers throughout the many vineyards in France and Spain. Offering the highest in quality wine imports we believe you will find just what you are looking for from our varied selection. If you are focused on serving the highest quality wine to your patrons, or carrying fine wines for your retail location, we can help.

The Best in Boston & East Coast Wine Imports

Cynthia Hurely focuses on delivering top quality imported wine to your business. We are extemely proud of the producers we have developed relationships with that allow us to provide only top notch Boston wine imports. As an importer of French wines, and now Spanish wines, based in Massachusetts. Our selections represent the efforts of independent producers who use minimal to no intervention to create terroir driven wines. Many of our producers are family – which we have worked with for many years. Quality, consistency, and terroir are what we aim to put in every bottle. We taste each and every wine we select and have done so for over twenty-five years.

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