Clos Triguedina - Region: Southwest

About the Producer:

Jean-Luc Baldès, a recognized Malbec specialist, extends to you a personal invitation to discover an original French Malbec. Cahors, the birthplace of Malbec, produces incredible wines that showcase the varietal in exquisite detail.

Clos Triguedina, situated in the heart of the Cahors wine region, has been the cradle of the Baldès family since 1830. A place steeped in history, pilgrims on the Santiago di Compostella route would often stop at Clos Triguedina to eat (me trigo de dina in the Occitan language of southwest France means “I am looking forward to dinner”). Through the generations, the Baldès family’s pioneering spirit has led them to be one of the preeminent wineries of the Cahors wine region, passing their knowledge, determination, and passion on from father to son. Today, Jean-Luc Baldès, together with his wife Sabine and daughter Juliette, continue the work of his forebears and has elevated the wines to the highest level in the region.

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