Domaine Paul Garaudet, Pommard 2018

Appellation: Pommard

Region: Bugundy

Country: France

Color: Red

Varietal(s): Pinot Noir

About The Producer

Paul Garaudet is based in Monthelie and his wines are authentically Burgundian. He practices sustainable farming and his wines undergo little to no filtration.

Terroir & Vineyard Practices:

This wine comes from 1 ha in Pommard that yields 150 cases. In the vineyard, all qualitative works are made in order to give a small crop composed of small healthy grapes, sweet and rich in terroir aromas. The harvesting is totally made by hand. No chemical products are used in order to give great wines for aging with good character.

Tasting Notes

Deep in color, aromatic, and full of robust, rich flavors, this Pommard can be considered the symbol for red Burgundy. Pommard's intriguing Pinot Noir complexity strikes a magical balance between muscularity, full-bodied richness, and pure grace. There are not a lot of Burgundies that can make that claim.


The wine undergoes natural yeast fermentation that lasts 20-25 days. The juice is moved from fermentation vats into barrel by gravity. Malolactic fermentation takes place naturally and the wine remains in barrel 12-18 months.